Course format (plug-in) for the Moodle LMS

We developed a format that implements an original front-end view of activities and resources in Moodle.

With standard topics format plug-ins, activities and resources are listed vertically. But in our format, they are displayed horizontally as tabs (as shown in the screenshot).

Other key features:

  • Access is granted to activities and resources based on learner progress (Conditional Activities)
  • Users who are not signed up for the course do not see the tabs
  • Users who are signed up for the course, but not allowed to update course settings, see the contents of the start tab when they click on the course
  • Users who are signed up for the course and are allowed to update course settings can see the start page for the course, which lists the course activities
  • Plug-in developed for Moodle version 2.1
  • Detailed code documentation in English

No changes to core Moodle code were necessary for our course format.

Technologies used: Moodle LMS, PHP, MySQL, HTML / CSS, JavaScript.

Project size: 35 hours.

What our clients say

Duncan Scobie, Managing Partner, Tyrell Mobile
Duncan Scobie, Managing Partner, Tyrell Mobile
Dmitry Maslennikov, chief developer at itseedbed, has been brilliant with our project from start to finish. Thorough, careful and rigorous in his..."