Course format (plug-in) for the Moodle LMS

We developed a format that implements an original front-end view of activities and resources in Moodle.

With standard topics format plug-ins, activities and resources are listed vertically. But in our format, they are displayed horizontally as tabs (as shown in the screenshot).

Other key features:

  • Access is granted to activities and resources based on learner progress (Conditional Activities)
  • Users who are not signed up for the course do not see the tabs
  • Users who are signed up for the course, but not allowed to update course settings, see the contents of the start tab when they click on the course
  • Users who are signed up for the course and are allowed to update course settings can see the start page for the course, which lists the course activities
  • Plug-in developed for Moodle version 2.1
  • Detailed code documentation in English

No changes to core Moodle code were necessary for our course format.

Technologies used: Moodle LMS, PHP, MySQL, HTML / CSS, JavaScript.

Project size: 35 hours.

What our clients say

Thorsten Giertz, CEO of emeneo Co., Ltd.
Thorsten Giertz, CEO of emeneo Co., Ltd.
Based in Shanghai, emeneo Co., Ltd. is a leading Chinese provider of solutions for e-learning and distance learning management systems (LMS). We..."