The key to success? Identifying and strengthening advantages

Just what advantages does itseedbed have compared to other IT companies from developing countries? We can group them into a few categories:

  • competence
  • openness
  • equipment

Our advantages:

  • Competent specialists with at least three years of experience in their field of specialization.
  • A workflow designed to develop a high-quality product.
  • Rigorous quality control.
  • Experienced project managers fluent in English and German (an important factor in today's globalized world).
  • A proprietary base of IT experts ready to form teams for implementing non-standard large projects.
  • The core team at the company has lived, studied, and worked in Europe, acquainting them with the Western business culture, ethics, and mindset.
  • Slight geographic distance from main European business centers (two hours or less by plane).
  • Small time difference with Europe (GMT+2). The company's workday is the same as the workday of its European clients.
  • Capable technical infrastructure. Modern computer equipment and peripherals, high-speed Internet access, no electrical outages.

Friends, we would be more than happy to personally convince you of all of the competitive advantages we have listed above!


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