High quality needs the right workflow

Our clients often approach us with various inquiries. These inquiries span everything from minimum-sized projects to major ones. Most orders undergo six main stages, which together form our tried-and-true workflow.

These stages are:

Stage 1
Getting to know the client
Determining the requirements for the technologies used, as well as budget and schedule.
Stage 2 Analyzing the requirements specification in detail
Figuring out the technical details, calculating the budget, determining the schedule, working out payment (hourly or fixed price).
Performing a test assignment, if needed.
Creating a new requirements specification, when necessary, to flesh out the guiding idea.
Stage 3
Programming and coordinating project information flows.
Performing quality control and adhering to the schedule for each phase of development. Timely identifying and eliminating risks.
Stage 4
Testing and deployment
Testing the product for correct functioning and stress tolerance. Handing the product over to the client.
If necessary, holding a series of training sessions to teach client employees on basic use and maintenance of the developed product.
Stage 5
Release to production
Obtaining acceptance of the work by the client.
Stage 6
Expanding and refining the product in accordance with client requests.

In parallel with the actions described above, at each stage there is generally consultation with the client on issues that arise: selecting the most appropriate technical solutions and other useful recommendations.

Do you like our workflow? Does it seem right to you? Then let us show you just how effective it is in practice! Not sure yet? Then we invite you to peruse our Portfolio and see some of the projects that we have successfully carried out with the help of the workflow we describe here.

Questions? Don't be shy: use our contact form, find us on Live Chat, or just give us a call!


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