What you need to know about us

What is our company's philosophy? This is an important, strategic question whose answers determine whether our worldviews are a good fit.

What do you gain from working with us? Know why our company is different from the others on the market and how we position ourselves.

How do we work? What is our workflow? Does it match your ideas of how work needs to be done?

Who manages the company? Who are the people with whom you will be communicating personally?

Find the answers to all of these questions in the subsections below.

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Course format (plug-in) for the Moodle LMS
Course format (plug-in) for the Moodle LMS
We developed a format that implements an original front-end view of activities and resources in Moodle. With standard topics format plug-ins,...
Hippodrome website
Hippodrome website
The website's main function is to inform visitors about the racing events held at the hippodrome, the track's history, and its modern-day uses. All...