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Today's world is galloping ahead at an unprecedented pace. Companies which had never needed to give a second thought to deploying any sort of information technologies now must present themselves online (often with interactive customer chat) and automate their processes (developing software).

Before computers caught on in a mass way in the 20th century, employees at major companies calculated business statistics by hand, calculating and recalculating at least twice. Today, no business can be efficient if it clings to obsolete methods. With technology, hundreds and thousands of indicators can be calculated automatically in an instant.

Specialized in development of business applications

One of our company's areas of expertise is the development of business applications. Modern programming methods allow us to create programs of any complexity for practically any sector and any industry. The most important thing is that the client has a clear idea and is able to explain the goals for the future program both in general and with concrete examples.

Here are business applications that we have developed in the last few years:

  • Software for the energy industry
  • Software for retail
  • Software for the banking sector
  • Software for the government sector

More projects from our Portfolio.

Web 2.0 sites

Besides business software, itseedbed is also skilled at creating websites that are consistent with the look and requirements of modern web design. These include the following types of sites:

  • Portals for major events (including social, athletic and cultural ones):
  • News portals
  • Social networks
  • Corporate sites
  • Internet stores
  • Business card websites

Want to see examples? We'll be happy to show you some in our Portfolio!


Application for monitoring and managing water hygiene parameters in public swimming pools
Application for monitoring and managing water hygiene parameters in public swimming pools
The application was developed to assist employees at public swimming pools who monitor chemical indicators such as the level of chlorine, pH, and...
Website of World Cup Alpine Ski Races
Website of World Cup Alpine Ski Races
Interactive portal for the third-largest event in the alpine skiing world. By functionality, the site is comparable to such leading sport web portals...