Our philosophy, condensed into a slogan

You probably have noticed that our logo has two parts: our company's name and its slogan. Creating both of them was quite a bit of work. But, we think, we managed to find a slogan that aptly reflects our philosophy.

"growing your projects." Just like a seed needs nurturing before it sprouts and a sapling needs tender care, in our case, it means paying maximum attention to each project: starting with planning all the way to release to production. Our overarching goal is to hand the client an effective, viable product of high technical quality.

Competent specialists + quality assurance = high product quality

Quality is the key idea that stands behind all of our company's philosophy. Where do we see this? Above all, in the requirements we impose on development and on our developers. The specialists with whom we work have at least three years of experience applying the technologies in which they specialize and have an awe-inspiring portfolio to match. In development, we use time-honored best practices and programming paradigms: object-oriented programming, design patterns, refactoring, MVC... There are so many of them, each with its own niche. That's why for each project we select only the most appropriate methods, ones which can get the job done with maximum effectiveness, on schedule, and without compromising quality.

But as experience teaches, even the best specialists can sometimes lead a project into a dead end if the proper oversight isn't exercised. That's why each release of a program or website undergoes rigorous quality control before presentation to the client.

Experienced specialists, well-designed development, and no-ifs-ands-or-buts quality control: these are the three factors at the heart of itseedbed's philosophy of "growing your projects".


Online service for monitoring website visits (equivalent to Google Analytics)
Online service for monitoring website visits (equivalent to Google Analytics)
After logging in to the service's website, users can receive information in real time about the visitors to their websites. Among other information,...
Course format (plug-in) for the Moodle LMS
Course format (plug-in) for the Moodle LMS
We developed a format that implements an original front-end view of activities and resources in Moodle. With standard topics format plug-ins,...