Fresh ideas for design and multimedia

Aesthetic pleasure is one of the most memorable sensations that one can have. Nothing is quite so joyous for the eyes and ears as an attractive, modern yet lightweight, unobtrusive design with multimedia.

Companies, groups, and organizations that have all design elements in an attractive and positive unified style enjoy particular resonance with their audiences. Sometimes, people do judge a book by its cover. But if both the content and the cover are good, then things are on the right track! At our company, both of these are in rather good shape.

But what exactly can you do for me?

In design development and multimedia, we offer these and other services:

  • Design of Web 2.0 sites
  • Design of software user interfaces
  • Design of a unique corporate style
  • Design of a unique logo
  • Flash graphics and animation
  • Audio and music for software and websites

Interested? Then ask us for samples of our work by e-mail!


Mini-site in HTML5
Mini-site in HTML5
Site resembles an advertising broadsheet (on two pages). Navigation design. Cross-browser frontend layout. Technologies used: HTML5, CSS3,...
Custom modifications to price storage and calculation in Magento
Custom modifications to price storage and calculation in Magento
To synchronize our client's online store with their accounting software, we made a few modifications to the standard mechanism in Magento for storing...