Application for monitoring and managing water hygiene parameters in public swimming pools

The application was developed to assist employees at public swimming pools who monitor chemical indicators such as the level of chlorine, pH, and redox reactions.

Three components make up the application: a driver that interfaces with the sensors, a center for working with data, and a convenient web interface for displaying data. The three parts are physically located on different computers but work as a single unit, interacting over the local network. The application constantly receives data from the sensors and regulators, processes and analyzes this data, and displays it on a computer screen.

The area of applicability is rather broad: from small sites to major waterparks with 20 or more pools.

Main functions:

  • Works with diverse types of sensors: readouts for measured parameters, setting of threshold and controlling values, and so on
  • Dynamic display of measured values in histograms and charts
  • Dynamic display of values as graphics (with zoom support) and tables
  • System notification log
  • Archive of values
  • Notification when threshold values are approached or reached
  • Parameter log / Average values
  • User management / Login
  • Timer
  • Rich configuration options
  • Multilingual support

Technologies used:  .NET 4.0, VB.NET, ASP.NET WebForms, AJAX, Windows Services, Log4NET, WCF.

Project size: 600 hours.

What our clients say

Duncan Scobie, Managing Partner, Tyrell Mobile
Duncan Scobie, Managing Partner, Tyrell Mobile
Dmitry Maslennikov, chief developer at itseedbed, has been brilliant with our project from start to finish. Thorough, careful and rigorous in his..."