Custom modifications to price storage and calculation in Magento

To synchronize our client's online store with their accounting software, we made a few modifications to the standard mechanism in Magento for storing and calculating prices:

  • Prices are now stored in the Magento backend and database to a precision of four digits after the decimal point (without VAT).
  • These prices are used on the product details page for displaying and calculating prices with VAT (19% in Germany). Prices are then rounded to the nearest cent.
  • For options and add-ons, VAT is calculated separately for the main product price and for the option/add-on price. After rounding, the price for the product (with VAT) is added to the price of the option/add-on (with VAT).
  • All remaining calculations are based on this VAT-inclusive price.

Technologies used: Magento, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript.

Project size: 30 hours.

What our clients say

Oliver Veit, Director of Tzuica Verlag publishing house
Oliver Veit, Director of Tzuica Verlag publishing house
Our company concentrates above all on working with writers and on publishing books. We are so happy to have partners like itseedbed, who support our..."