Web module for submitting income tax payment declarations online

The module is part of a large application for submitting income tax declarations online. To provide the corresponding functionality, we added integration with ERiC, the German tax platform, which is written in C++.

The module accepts and saves taxpayer data that is entered when completing an income tax declaration. It also verifies and transmits the data to a tax inspectorate clearing center, then returning the data in the proper form and format (including all stages of authentication). When all stages are successfully completed, the user can receive a completed declaration in PDF format.

The web module was written with the use of .NET and later, at the client's request, was ported to the Mono platform.

Our company took on the full scope of work for the project, beginning with writing the requirements specification and ending with long-term support.

Technologies used: C#, .NET 3.5, Mono, SOA, ASP.NET WebServices, XML, ERiC.

Project size: 170 hours.

What our clients say

Daniel Mätzschker, Director of INIT: IT-Solutions
Daniel Mätzschker, Director of INIT: IT-Solutions
INIT: IT-Solutions is a small IT services company. We are always searching for programmers who can assist us with developing software for our..."