Custom modifications to price storage and calculation in Magento

To synchronize our client's online store with their accounting software, we made a few modifications to the standard mechanism in Magento for storing and calculating prices:

  • Prices are now stored in the Magento backend and database to a precision of four digits after the decimal point (without VAT).
  • These prices are used on the product details page for displaying and calculating prices with VAT (19% in Germany). Prices are then rounded to the nearest cent.
  • For options and add-ons, VAT is calculated separately for the main product price and for the option/add-on price. After rounding, the price for the product (with VAT) is added to the price of the option/add-on (with VAT).
  • All remaining calculations are based on this VAT-inclusive price.

Technologies used: Magento, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript.

Project size: 30 hours.

What our clients say

Hans Kuhlen, Director of KUHLEN Medien
Hans Kuhlen, Director of KUHLEN Medien
When our team is short-handed, we eagerly turn to itseedbed without a second thought. Their specialists are excellent in a number of areas,..."