Technologies: it's a big world out there

In today's quickly evolving world of IT, the number of different technologies is growing by leaps and bounds. The selection is large. At first it might seem that with this embarrassment of riches, selecting the right technology for a project should be a piece of cake. How hard could it be, right?

But if you scratch below the surface, it is clear that even with all of the innovations that have been made, software development is and remains far from trivial. Every new project is unique and requires an individual approach, and this includes the question of technologies.

Respect for all technologies

Respect for all technologies is a guiding principle at our company. We are not zealots who mindlessly praise one technology and tear down another. We respect all technologies, since each one of them has gone through a long and arduous path to become what it is. Each one has proved itself for solving certain tasks and, subsequently, has a place in developers' arsenals.

But you can't do it all

Unfortunately though, it's impossible to do everything. So it has happened that we specialize in:

In addition, we always try to learn something new. We have no intention of artificially limiting ourselves to only those three IT solutions. In Others, we demonstrate other technologies with which we have experience, and with which we have something to show you.

Developing software is a creative and non-trivial process! Selecting the right technology makes it so much easier to get the job done.


Online service for monitoring website visits (equivalent to Google Analytics)
Online service for monitoring website visits (equivalent to Google Analytics)
After logging in to the service's website, users can receive information in real time about the visitors to their websites. Among other information,...
Website support for Mad Dimension and Mandala Films
Website support for Mad Dimension and Mandala Films
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