Large-scale platform for online pharmaceutical sales (Shop-in-Shop retail format)

The platform allows pharmacies without their own online presence to sell their products via the Internet.

A pharmacy registers with the platform and is included in the database, after which customers can place orders for medications.

After registration is complete, the pharmacy can customize its store to its needs:

  • Markup based on medication type (+10%, +20%, or +30% over wholesale prices)
  • Delivery cost
  • Delivery time, based on customer distance from the pharmacy
  • Order threshold (minimum amount) for free delivery
  • Whether to make prescription-only medications available through the store

Over 300,000 products with extensive attributes were imported from a wholesaler's database. Updates are performed twice monthly via cron. 80,000 product photos were imported from another database as well. Daily updates are performed via cron.

Other functions:

  • Medication search by name or product code (with auto-suggestions)
  • Integration with the Soundex search algorithm
  • Filtering of search results
  • Special offers are highlighted in search results
  • Search for local pharmacies by postal code (with auto-suggestions)
  • Price comparisons between pharmacies located in the same postal code
  • User registration
  • Login
  • Personalized account pages for customers
  • Support for generating discount codes
  • Integration with payment systems (PayPal, credit card, and Sofortüberweisung e-payments)
  • Newsletter
  • Contact form
  • Robust backend for participating pharmacies

Based on the partnership (membership) type between the platform and each pharmacy, the net profit of each pharmacy from the platform is calculated in real time. The profit share of the platform owners is calculated as well. This data can be exported into CSV format.

Technologies used: Magento, PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript.

Project size: 1,650 hours.

What our clients say

Daniel Mätzschker, Director of INIT: IT-Solutions
Daniel Mätzschker, Director of INIT: IT-Solutions
INIT: IT-Solutions is a small IT services company. We are always searching for programmers who can assist us with developing software for our..."