Online service for monitoring website visits (equivalent to Google Analytics)

After logging in to the service's website, users can receive information in real time about the visitors to their websites.

Among other information, users can see which country a visitor is from, when the visitor arrived, the operating system and browser used, and more.

The following functions are implemented as well:

  • Wide array of reports for presenting data
  • Diverse options for configuring user accounts
  • Admin panel with numerous settings and user management
  • Secure chat
  • Web customization per client wishes

Technologies used: Java, Swing, Hibernate, Ant, Eclipse, Tomcat, MySQL, XML, JavaScript/AJAX.

Project size: 1,000 hours.

What our clients say

Duncan Scobie, Managing Partner, Tyrell Mobile
Duncan Scobie, Managing Partner, Tyrell Mobile
Dmitry Maslennikov, chief developer at itseedbed, has been brilliant with our project from start to finish. Thorough, careful and rigorous in his..."