Software for calculating the cost of an energy-efficient swimming pool

Software that calculates the cost of an energy-efficient swimming pool, monthly upkeep costs, and savings on energy expenses compared to standard pools.

The program was developed for dealers and sales representatives of the client in different countries. There are two versions of the software: a web app and a desktop app. So the program can be either used online or installed on a local computer.

Main functions:

  • Performance of complicated calculations to determine energy savings (several dozen complicated formulas)
  • Integration with client's ERP system, dynamic updating of product data to match changes in the ERP system
  • Calculation of the cost of equipment and related work for building an energy-efficient swimming pool
  • Support for applying customer discounts
  • Flexible system for working with currency amounts, with conversion of prices from euros to other currencies at the set exchange rate; calculation of VAT
  • Multilingual support
  • Entry of data by users and validation per calculation rules
  • Registration / Login
  • Creation of reports, presentation of calculation results in text and in charts
  • Export of reports in PDF, XLS and DOC formats

Technologies used: .NET 4.0, VB.NET, ASP.NET WebForms, AJAX, WinForms, Microsoft Report Viewer.

Project size: 530 hours.

What our clients say

Evgeny Singer, Head of Client Relations, UGE GmbH
Evgeny Singer, Head of Client Relations, UGE GmbH
We have worked continuously with your company for over two years. In that time, a number of major business applications and complex websites have..."